“I went from school straight into the Law degree at UTS. I was in the very first intake and everyone, but 2 other students were much older than me. They talked about law and legal practice with such knowledge and experience it was pretty intimidating. But I soon came to love studying law and really enjoyed some of my experiences during the degree. We had classes in the evenings in the old Anthony Horden Building. It was a rabbit warren and we often had to evacuate class half way through because of a fire alarm. Sometimes we would just move the class to the Century Hotel and keep going up there over beer and wine.

The Dean, Geoffrey Bartholomew was very keen on the Century Hotel option. He was still a brilliant teacher, even after a few.

There was a huge drop out after the first year and then classes were quite small. I liked the fact that there were skills segments to the courses and that I was forced to be a barrister in two moots.”