“We had a very interesting and mixed bag of students. Some who had just completed the HSC with high marks, others with university degrees in other disciplines, some who had left school at school certificate stage but for various reasons had to enter the work force but were very bright, and some not so bright. But they were all very motivated.

Some students were anxious to accelerate through the course so we had in place prerequisites for most subjects including options and provided they were met limited acceleration was allowed. We worked on the principal that if a student had a reasonable request we would agree to it unless there was good reason to say no.

Another innovation was the introduction of the Summer Term. With the possible exception at that time of Bond University I think we were the only law school to schedule subjects over the long break. The subjects were limited to options and only the better students could enroll. It involved more intensive teaching and usually classes were scheduled for 3 nights a week.

All up it was not uncommon for good motivated students to complete the course in 5 years.”