“I must admit that, as a student, I did not always enjoy the course’s emphasis on giving presentations to the class, moots and court applications. Looking back now I’m incredibly grateful that UTS Law incorporated these elements into the course. Doing these exercises improved my public speaking skills and gave me improved confidence which I was able to capitalise on when I started working.

I have very fond memories of my time at UTS Law. Outside of the classroom, I still smile whenever I think back to the great friendships I made. Whether it was planning the next event or publication in the LSS, or agonising over the next group assignment over a bowl of fresh noodles in Chinatown, the friendships I made with many people in my year, and with others older and younger than me, still remain strong. It is inspiring to see my peers now working in a huge range of jobs and industries all over the world – and it is always nice to reflect on the fact we all started as nervous law students trying to work out how to find journal articles in the law library so many years ago.”